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Johnson County Rose Society 2016 Program Schedule
 Date Miss Rosie Says Guest Speaker

Speaker Affiliation

Mar. 10 "Give Me a Trim."

Spring Pruning and Planting.

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Ed Holland

Kansas City Rose Society
April 14 "Choose Me."

Rose Selection.

Daniel Clark and Ken Woods

Family Tree Nursery
May 12 "Treat Me Right Baby.

General Rose Care.

Round-table discussion.

Discussion led by ARS Consulting Rosarians
June 9 "Come See Me."

Garden Tour.
(note location change to JoCo Extension Garden.)

Bud Smith

Johnson County K-State Research and Extension Master Gardener
July 14 "What's Bugging Me."

Insects and Diseases.

Round-table discussion.

Discussion led by ARS Consulting Rotarians

Aug. 11 "I've Got the Dirt."

Soil, Watering, Fertilizing.

Consulting Rosarian Panel

 ARS Consulting Rosarians

Sept. 8 "It's Cold Baby."

Fall Care and Winter Protection.
Consulting Rosarian Panel

 ARS Consulting Rosarians

Oct. 13 Let;s Eat
(JCRS Members only.  The dinner starts at 6:30 p.m.)

(note location change to Cinzetti's)

 No Speaker.


Meetings are at the Prairie Village Community Center at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

March 10 -- Rosie says, "Give Me a Trim."  Our new mascot Rosie will tell you what you need to do in the spring for your roses including planting, pruning, spraying, and fertilization. Speaking for Rosie will be Ed Holland.  Ed is an outstanding rose grower.  He is a member of the Kansas City Rose Society and has won many trophiies at the Kansas City Rose Show, including the trophy for Queen of the Show.

April 14 -- Rosie says, "Choose Me."   Rosie tell you what you need to know to pick her, or some of her friends for your garden.  Do you want a shrub, hybrid tea, or a climber?  What roses are disease resistant and easy care? What are the best roses for color and fragrance?  Daniel Clark and Ken Woods from Family Tree Nursery will give us the benerit of their background and experience with thle best rose selections for our area.

May 12 -- Rosie says, "Treat Me Right." We will all sit around tables in small groups to discuss rose care.  Rosie (in this case a Consulting Rosarian) will lead the discussion and answer questions.  In your discussion group, you will be able to talk about you do that has been successful for you and learn what other are doing.

June 9 --  Rosie says, "Come See Me."  Master Gardner Bud Smith (aka Rosie), will provide a tour of the Johnson County Extension Garden, 11811 So. Sunset Dr., Olathe, KS.  The garden includes many rose varieties planted with other beautiful plants in a no-spray setting.  Come see how successful you can be with easy-care varieties.  Note this is not our regular meeting location.

July 14 --Rosie says, "What's Bugging Me." Do you want to know what is really bugging Rosie?  Find out what ailments (bug and diseases) she may have and learn what she does to get cured.

August 11-- Rosie says, "I've Got the Dirt." Rosie (and a panel of Consulting Rosarians) will tell you all her secrets!  She will tell you everything about what she does to grow and stay healthy

September 8 -- Rosie says, "It's Cold Baby."  Rosie (and a panel of Consulting Rosarians) will tell you about how she gets ready for the cold days ahead.  She doesn't wear mittens, but she knows about fall cleanup and winterization topics

October 13 Rosie says, "Let's Eat.

Each year we conclude our programming season with our Members Annual Dinner. After dinner, we will install the 2017 officers and finish up any remaining society business.

This year we will not have the pot-luck style dinner, but we will meet at Cinzettis for good food and fellowship.  It is at 7201 W 91st St, Overland Park, KS 66212.  Everyone will pay for their own meal. Note this is not our regular meeting location.

Updated 3/21/2016