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Frequently asked questions about growing roses

Got a question about growing roses?  Our Consulting Rosarians can help.

Send an email to our consulting rosarians, and they'll do their best to give you a quick and accurate answer.  Check this page from time to time to see the most frequently asked questions.  When asking a question, please indicate your geographic location.  We're located northeast Kansas (USDA Zone 5), and what works in our zone may not work in yours.

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Questions about growing roses. To see the answer, just click the question.

Can tree roses be grown in this area?

Have you heard of "Buck" Roses?  Do they come in hybrid tea form?

Our roses are covered with black spot. There are too many infected leaves to remove without literally de-leafing the entire bush on each rose. Can you tell me what we can do besides the obvious and treat them with a fungicide?

We have laid out an octagon shaped planting bed in which we intend to plant roses this spring.  We would like to plant the most disease resistant roses.  They would have to be fairly small plants, at least not really big shrubs or climbers.  Another important consideration is to pick a nicely shaped plant.  Do you have any recommendations? 

I've been sick this fall. Now that it's December, is it too late to mulch my roses?