How Much Loan Can I Get

There are three ways to find your own credit options. For many borrowers, the easiest way is to go directly over the loan amount. The banks have developed various methods for determining the maximum amount of credit. The foundation of sound home finance is an honest cash case. It shows you how much money you have available each month for a loan.

How much can I allow myself?

How much can I allow myself?

It shows you how much capital you have on hand each day for a loan. In just a few moments, you can use our household calculator to find out how much is available to you for financing real estate. If you know your monthly margin, you can calculate how much your future property will cost.

With our budget calculator you can see the maximum loan amount within your financing options. In addition to the actual purchase price of the property, various additional costs arise at first glance. This makes it easier for you to find the right property – and it also has an advantage when you purchase it: you can obtain financing within a short time.

This also increases your chances of winning the purchase of your desired property.

How much credit do I get?

How much credit do I get?

The amount of credit you can get from the banks depends on several different criteria. But first you should compare your income and your monthly expenses and calculate how much you have left for a loan. How much I get as a loan from a house bank usually depends on the liquidity surplus available on a monthly basis.

Liquidity overhang means that there are still enough funds available, ie free cash. After you have deducted all loan rates, living expenses, and other expenses, you have a specific free monthly amount that you can use for a loan. This data is checked by the house bank based on the original data and the signed loan application, which must then be submitted by fax or e-mail.

Here you must also record all your income and expenses, from which it can then be calculated how long the period must be in order to pay off the loan amount you want. Because you have already stated in the loan application the amount of your income and the grossest expenses, we can already carry out a credit calculation.

In this way, we can quickly tell you how much credit you have. This is not binding, as the house bank also re-examines this data in order to secure the granting of a loan. This means that the partial amount exceeding this exemption limit can be used for a loan installment if there are no other obligations: at a 5% interest rate, a nominal loan of around USD 17,500 is granted.

To match the loan amount exactly to your free monthly liquidity, you can use our loan calculator to determine exactly what the amount you have from a house bank can be. Will I get a bigger amount if I convert all my obligations into a total loan?

If you have a loan amount of 200, – $ for a installment less your living standard and your monthly expenses and credit card payments, but you already pay 400, – $ for a total installment, you can spend with a new loan, almost 600, – $. Often, credit institutions also see this as a way to reschedule debts immediately, as this usually lowers lending rates and gives you more credit.

This is highly recommended due to the currently low interest rates, as many clients do not even think about replacing their old, expensive loan, although they can save several hundred dollars a year.