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Our "Little Rose Show"

Throughout the year, the Johnson County Rose Society holds "Little Rose Shows."  These informal exhibitions teach members how to select and prepare roses for exhibition.  Roses grown by members are judged by Consulting Rosarians (who are also JCRS members).

Here are the rules:

  1. Little Rose Shows are held at regular JCRS meetings in June, July, August, September, and October.
  2. Each Little Rose Show includes the following divisions (subdivisions may be created at the option of the show chairperson):

    (1)  Hybrid Teas and Granifloras
    Exibition Stage--Specimen

    (2)  Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras
    Fully Open- Specimen

    (3)  Floribundas and Polyanthas - Specimen or Spray

    (4)  Old Garden Roses and Shrubs - Specimen or Spray

    (5)  Climbers - Specimen or Spray

    (6)  Miniatures and Mini-Floras
    Exhibition Stage - Specimen

    (7)  Miniatures and Mini-Floras
    Fully Open - Specimen

    (8)  Miniatures and Mini-Floras

    (9)  Unjudged (Display Only) - Specimen, Spray or Arrangement


    Specimen--one bloom on a stem
    Spray--two or more blooms on a stem
    Exhibition stage--bloom is one-third to three-fouths open
    Fully open--stamens are visible in the center of the bloom
  3. Only JCRS members may enter the Little Rose Shows.  Each garden may be represented by 10 entries.  Selection of divisions is the member's choice.
  4. Display and judging will conform to ARS standards.  Blue, red, and yellow ribbons will be awarded in each division.
    Form 25
    Substance 20
    Color 25
    Stem and Foliage 20
    Size 10
    Total 100
  5. A record will be maintained of the results of the judging of each of the Little Rose Shows and the garden accumulating the most points for the year will be presented a traveling silver pitcher trophy.
  6. Points are awarded as follows:
    Rose of the Month 5
    Blue Ribbon 5
    Red Ribbon 3
    Yellow Ribbon 2




updated 01/30/10