CCB strengthens its role as a leading asset servicing provider in China


After more than two decades of dedicated efforts, China Construction Bank (CCB) has become one of the largest custodian banks in the China. With assets under custody exceeding 19 trillion yuan (2.81 trillion US dollars)CCB is a pillar of the custody industry.

Custody, as a control and monitoring mechanism, was created to protect the rights and interests of investors, effectively solve the problem of information asymmetry, and ensure the safety of assets. For more than two decades, CCB has continued to attach great importance to the development of its depository activity and to invest enormous human and material resources in it. In recent years, the bank has used the custody business as a strong support for its second development curve and, by mobilizing all of the bank’s resources, has created a “custody-plus” development scheme for its business. .

As one of the domestic custodian banks with the longest history in China, the most comprehensive licensed functions, the largest scale of custody assets and the best customer services, CCB, with effort and constant introspection, has always adhered to a solid, cautious and superior style of work designed to meet customer demands and keep pace with industry developments. Today, assets under its custody have exceeded 19 trillion yuan, making CCB a mainstay in the industry.

CCB has led development in the custody sector by continuously enriching its product lines and launching innovative activities – such as those involving global and Chinese certificates of deposit, China-Japan exchange-traded fund (ETF) connectivity , the mutual recognition of funds between mainland China and Hong Kong, fully foreign-owned enterprise private fund, fund administration and transfer agency, qualified domestic and foreign limited partnerships – all of which have been highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers.

At the same time, the CCB supported the reform of the pilot registration system of the STAR Market and that of the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The bank also participates in the Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen cross-market exchange product pilot project and cross-border connectivity projects between China and Germany, China and Switzerland, China and Singapore, and China and the UK, all of which serve to develop innovative capital markets and take responsibility for the bank as a major market player.

CCB Guardprofessional Customer service

CCB has a state-of-the-art operational system that covers various business aspects such as settlement and clearing, accounting and reconciliation, asset valuation, account management, asset custody, investment tracking, risk management and reporting. Take clearing and accounting for example: its clearing system offers detailed, industry-leading efficiency at every stage of its business processes, with automated instruction flow and comprehensive direct payment coverage. In clearing and settlement, where, for example, redemption of subscriptions triggered by the suspension of an initial public offering is a critical business process, CCB’s system can perform redemption of subscriptions automatically, without manual intervention. throughout the process. The bank’s accounting system integrates account settings, smart rules configuration and a powerful accounting engine. In terms of ETF accounting, CCB is the premier custodian of OTC ETF fund units, one of the premier custodians of gold ETFs and the preferred custodian of ETF products in the banking industry.

In addition, as one of the first banks to carry out cross-border custodial business in the Chinese market, CCB has been providing services to its customers for many years, which has brought its custodial services to recognition. by global custodians and foreign investors as world-class.

In a client satisfaction survey, a world-leading quantitative investment firm praised CCB’s “deep understanding of regulations and policies and extensive communication with regulators”, stating that “CCB has helped us become the first quantitative QFII [qualified foreign institutional investor] in the market and in doing so exceeded our expectations.

When it comes to investment operations, the CCB adheres to a transaction-centric approach that maximizes the client experience. A well-known global asset manager notes: “Some custodian banks have very tight restrictions and only allow orders to be placed in the morning. But CCB gives us a much more relaxed trading environment and can process orders at a much faster pace.

CCB Smart Custody Scanning

Currently, in the banking sector, digitalization is booming. In 2020, the bank is launching its CCB Smart Custody platform and opening a new chapter in the digital management of its custody activity. To drive business development, CCB has built – by means of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and blockchain – a digital platform with smart management, smart operations, smart risk control and intelligent data sharing. In addition, CCB Smart Custody has launched one-stop services, allowing customers to easily and conveniently access CCB Group’s various high-quality products and services in a single platform, thus fully realizing the connectivity of customers, products and channels.

Integrating green finance into conservation innovation

CCB attaches great importance to the development of green finance and has integrated environmental, social and governance (ESG) concepts in the implementation of its strategy and the management of its activities, including those concerning its conservation activity. In recent years, CCB has engaged in the research and development of innovative ESG-related asset management products and services.

As a super clearing house operating in different sectors of the financial market, CCB is dedicated to customizing the ESG assessment of its asset management products in response to client needs, providing investors with an assessment of related performance to ESG, helping investors identify sustainability risks and improve investment performance.

CCB Chairman Tian Guoli said, “We will strive to improve the quality of green finance assets, attract more green finance customers, develop more green finance products, provide more to support the green finance system, to carry out more effective management and control of measures targeting environmental and social risks, and to strengthen the training of green finance personnel.

Looking to the future, CCB will continue to be faithful to its customers and diligent in its duties, to support and protect the healthy development of capital markets, and to protect the development of China’s financial market by providing custody services. smart for everyone.


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