Esko signs two more agreements


Esko announced that it had signed two more deals at the five-day PrintPack show. Janus International and Numex Blocks respectively ordered Esko WebCentre and ArtPro+ software to increase their productivity.

“We’ve been using Esko software for over seven years and it’s been a fantastic experience so far,” said Denver Annunciation, director of strategic initiatives at Janus International. “We chose Esko WebCentre because we are looking to be more productive and we want to make our employees’ and customers’ experience more seamless and error-free, and we want more work done in less time.

“Janus International wanted a dashboard where they can see critical business information. WebCentre can connect to the existing MIS information system and automation engine. This saves the customer a lot of time when creating labels, obtaining customer approval and managing processes, WebCentre was a perfect fit for Janus International,” said Samarth Chandrashekar of Esko. PrintWeek.

“It’s a web browser where the client can allow multiple people to log in and view all jobs without adding software or accessing PDF readers,” he added.

At the same time, Numex Blocks opted for Esko’s ArtPro+ software to switch to pdf workflows. They already have the old software from Esko – Package, but “Nitin was keen to embrace the new technologies. After several deliberations, they went ahead with ArtPro+,” Chandrashekar added.

ArtPro+ has a unique preflight feature and can also support older files from native Esko applications.

“The software is backwards compatible and its user interface is clean and friendly with a minimal learning curve,” he added. “It was a very bold decision.”

Numex has already purchased more than 25 Esko software packages and has constantly upgraded to new technologies from Esko, Chandrashekar said.


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