JCB launches 50 km/h Loadall telehandler


JCB has launched its new flagship Loadall telehandler, the fastest and most powerful model the company has ever built.

The 542-70 AGRI Pro delivers a unique combination of engine power and torque, acceleration, top speed and hydraulic power to establish new levels of performance and productivity around the farm, in the field and on the trail. road.

“With its 173hp engine and 50km/h top speed, the new 542-70 AGRI Pro TELESCOPIC HANDLE is the most powerful and fastest TELESCOPIC HANDLER JCB has ever built, with quicker acceleration and performance. towing capabilities,” said John Smith, managing director of JCB Agriculture. “The TELESCOPIC design is already a world leader in performance and productivity, and now this new model takes handling capabilities to a new level, with a standard specification giving the machine tremendous operator appeal while setting a new benchmark for loading, handling and towing.

The new features of the JCB 542-70 AGRI Pro:

  • JCB 4.8 liter DieselMAX engine developing 173 hp (129 kW) and 690 Nm of torque
  • JCB DualTech VT transmission half hydrostatic, half direct mechanical transmission 50 km/h
  • 22% increase in dynamic tractive effort; 25% higher road travel productivity
  • Heavy duty JCB axles with 10 stud hubs and 500mm wide tires on stronger rims
  • New dual-axle hydraulic power-assisted braking system with automatic four-wheel drive engagement
  • 14% increase in hydraulic flow thanks to a larger 72 cc (160 litres/min) piston pump
  • New rubber spring cab mounts for improved vibration and shock isolation

Like other Loadall 542-70 models fitted with the DualTech VT transmission, the AGRI Pro has a maximum lift capacity of 4.2 tonnes and a total lift height of 2.75 tonnes at 7.01m.

But while the AGRI, AGRI Super and AGRI Xtra models have outputs of 109hp (81kW), 130hp (97kW) and 150hp (112kW) from their 4.8-litre JCB DieselMAX engines, the new Loadall 542-70 AGRI Pro has 173 hp (129 kW).

This gives the newcomer a 24hp (17kW) or 16% advantage over the current most powerful JCB models, and a 15% increase in maximum torque of 690Nm at 1,500rpm, which, combined to the performance of the DualTech’s hydrostatic drive element The VT transmission generates 22% more dynamic tractive effort when digging through hard-packed stockyard mud or picking up grain or sugar beets with a large volume bucket.

The AGRI Pro TELESCOPIC 542-70 also features a new high-speed version of JCB’s unique and proven DualTech VT hydromechanical transmission, which offers precise and progressive control of the hydrostatic drive up to 22 km/h (vs. 19 km/h with the standard version) and energy-efficient direct mechanical drive with a top speed of 50 km/h instead of 40 km/h.

Where this unique combination of power, torque, acceleration and speed can be harnessed, the AGRI Pro TELESCOPIC 542-70 can reduce travel times from field to farm, and more easily keep pace with work crews. contractors spreading lime and manure as they move from place to place. another.

To handle the extra power and speed, a new hydraulic braking system has individual circuits for the heavier-duty 10-stud front and rear axles, which meet the requirements of European T1b tractor homologation for on-road agricultural vehicles, and air trailer braking is a factory-installed option.

Plus, in addition to operating in rear-wheel drive on the road for maximum traction and towing stability, the AGRI Pro automatically engages four-wheel drive when the brakes are applied to ensure maximum tire-to-surface contact patch for shortest stopping distances.

Once there, operators can make the most of the Eco and Power settings of the DualTech VT transmission, and use Flex Mode to separate control of engine and ground speeds for easy pedal control, and to work at low speed while still using enough engine speed to power a hydraulically driven sweeper, straw blower or silage cutter.

When handling and loading work, operators can also exploit the larger capacity hydraulic package of the TELESCOPIC 542-70 AGRI Pro, which includes a 72 cc variable displacement piston pump delivering up to 160 litres/min – A 14% increase in flow that promotes quick responses to joystick control inputs, especially when operating multiple functions at once, such as when filling a bucket while raising the boom.


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