Nevada unemployment rate unchanged in April


Nevada’s statewide unemployment rate remained unchanged in April, stable at 5%.

This is the seasonally adjusted figure. The crude unemployment rate was actually only 4.5%.

Seasonal adjustments take into account normal and expected fluctuations in employment, such as hiring during vacations and staff reductions as students return to class.

The rate was just 2.7% in the Reno reporting area and 3% in Carson City — both raw rates.

Clark County remains the highest at 5%, but that’s a significant improvement in recent months as tourists once again flock to Las Vegas, bringing back hospitality and leisure workers at their work.

The lowest rates were reported by Nevada mining centers in rural parts of the state, led by Eureka County with an unemployment rate of just 1.9% and Esmeralda County at 2. 1%.

Dave Schmidt, chief economist for the Department of Jobs, Training and Rehabilitation, said the state’s total labor force was just over 1.5 million, including 1.1 million in the Las Vegas reporting area. Of this total, only 67,591 are looking for work, and 56,000 of them are in the south.

In Carson City, the workforce numbers 25,410, with 775 looking for work.

Washoe County reports 252,179 workers but 6,893 unemployed as of the end of April.

Douglas County reports a labor force of 21,441 with 673 unemployed.

Churchill County’s workforce of 11,462 has just 113 looking for work.

The department of Lyon has 23,608 working people and 877 unemployed.

In total, 10 of Nevada’s 17 counties recorded unemployment rates below 3%. Only Nye and Clark were above 4% through April.

In April, 8,866 initial applications were filed to claim unemployment benefits. Although that was 811 more than the number filed in March, continuing claims fell to just 13,600. This was the lowest number of continuing claims for April since 1990.


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